Why Hydra?

What is the compelling reason to buy HydraStax products?

  • Efficiency
  • More advanced than competitors


The BTU consumption to usable power efficiency of the HydraStax® fuel cell products is double that of conventional oil burning generators.  This product has the unique capability to allow an owner to generate power during off-hours at a cost of around $0.03 per kW/hr (see note 1) and sell it back to the grid for $0.06 – $0.10 per kW / hr, while supplying the owners’ normal power needs during the day.  In effect, this unit becomes a cash generator for the owner, selling electricity for up to a 100% profit (see note 2).

  • Note 1 – Originally, the results were Hydra generating power at $0.06 to $0.08 per kW/hr, but that was when natural gas was selling for $6.00 per MCF instead of the current price of approximately $2.15.
  • Note 2 – Originally the deregulated power utilities were required to purchase (in 2006) power at a prevailing rate of $0.12 to $0.16 per kW / hr, but now each state is much different on its requirements for purchasing generated power off the grid.

Cloud energy generation

Just like “cloud computing” is taking advantage of the distributed nature of the Internet and efficient costs and small costs of manufacturing massively parallel computing platforms, so to does Hydra hydrogen fuel cell with its:

  • Low operating temperature, due to Hydra’s patented fuel cell technology.
  • The electric grid loses approximately 40% of the electricity generated at centralized power utility facilities and then transmitted.  Natural gas transmission loses at most 2% due to natural gas transmission, therefore generating power with natural gas, closer to its usage, benefits the grid as a whole.
  • When the HydraStax® product set manufacturing enters the final planned stage of “efficient manufacturing” (see the Hydra page for more information on stages), the lower cost of purchase and implementation for our clients will increase the price advantage for generating your own electricity with a HydraStax® unit.

Just like “cloud computing”, “cloud energy generation” will come of age – take the Peaker Plants, running on natural gas, that have proliferated on the power grid in the early 2000’s.  These Peaker Plants run on the same theory that we are advocating, except without the added cost benefit of our Hydra patented technology.

Why the Hydrastax® is more advanced than other fuel cells

Our patented technology and trade secrets associated with the manufacturing of the HydraStax® products provide:

  1. the Hydra Proprietary Gas Management System –  provides hydrogen and oxygen (air) to membrane/catalyst and removes water vapor through a system of gaskets micro-pumps, micro-compressors, and sensors in a compact system.
  2. Hydra’s MEA design allows much higher volume of hydrogen delivery to the membrane/catalyst.
  3. Use of conductive polymer for MEA plates significantly reduces the cost of these plates as compared to machined carbon plates.
  4. Liquid cooling of the “stack”  allows operation at much lower temperature which preserves the life of the membrane.
  5. All electronic components except the stack are off the shelf at electrical distributors.

© 2006 portions by E Street Journal, now not available on the web currently, but ownership compiled and derived by iVoice, Inc. © 2012 compilation and updating by American Security Resources Corporation, all rights reserved.

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