Hydra Fuel Cell Corporation (“Hydra“), a wholly owned subsidiary of iVoice, Inc. [and previously of American Security Resources Corporation], has developed advanced hydrogen fuel cells based on its proprietary intellectual property as well as two owned patents.  Hydra has moved through the following stages:

  • Technology research & development, spending over $7.0M on research
  • Securing patents and trademark, spending over $1.2M on the patents
  • Product design (costs not broken out of R&D stage)

And is currently seeking funding to move into the production stage of its corporate development.  We see the upcoming stages as follows:

  • Initial Product Delivery stage
    • deliver fully functional and purchased products to our back logged PO’s
    • become and stay current with required SEC periodic reporting for the next twelve (12) months
  • Production Initiation stage and delivery to the currently back logged PO’s as well as taking new orders
  • Volume Production stage, meant to allow Hydra to increase monthly unit production as well as drive down our costs and increase our gross margin

Hydra’s existing technology…

Diagram of a Proton exchange membrane fuel cel...

Diagram of a Proton exchange membrane fuel cell. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hydra developed two models of its fuel cell, the first to be used as either a backup power source or in some cases a primary power sources for remote radio transmission facilities and cell phone towers.  The second is a larger unit which can be used for backup power in critical commercial operations such hospitals, computer centers, and emergency operations centers.

The HydraStax® product line is a Proton Exchange Membrane, or “PEM“, fuel cell which utilizes a specialized flexible Mylar film which allows the electron which is split from the Hydrogen atom to pass through the membrane onto the Cathode.  This stream of electrons develops a continuous flow which becomes the electrical power output of the fuel cell.

The design of Hydra’s fuel cell is a unique design because it utilizes a Silicon board which has been laser drilled with thousands of tiny holes.  The design also includes a proprietary gasket and manifold which supplies Hydrogen across the entire area of the PEM, thus significantly increasing the efficiency of the unit.  Hydra’s target markets are stationary fuel cells between 500 watts and 40 Kw and can be used as either backup or primary power sources.

Hydra’s Patents and Trademarks

Hydra’s sister company

Hydra was previously part of American Security Resources Corporation, which still owns and is upgrading a technology called the “Hydrogen Formulator”, originally developed at a major U.S. university.  The “Hydrogen Formulator” could significantly reduce the price per kilogram of producing Hydrogen.  This technology is being developed under the subsidiary American Hydrogen Corp., owned by American Security Resources Corporation.

© 2012 by iVoice, Inc. and American Security Resources Corporation, all rights reserved.  Portions © 2010 by Andrew Barwicki Investor Relations, copyright then conveyed to American Security Resources Corporation as obtained from SEC period filings.

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  1. Good day to all.

    The HydraStax sales site looks well. It’s a clear and sytematic order form you present us. Think the pricing of the HydraStax units will follow next. But I please you not to forget some kind of consumer service. It is a need to service for the consumer who bought a HydraStax unit and have some problem with whatever, usage or with the sytem itself. Please offer a service hotline or help desk when you begin selling your wonderful product!

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