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IVOI investor fact sheet / investor presentation

iVoice, Inc.

iVoice, Inc. is a publicly traded company (IVOI) that engages in the design, development, manufacture, and sale of hydrogen fuel cell products, primarily for stationary power, backup power, and distributed generation applications.  It’s subsidiary Hydra Fuel Cell Corporation delivers fuel cells and fuel cell systems under the HydraStax® brand, which are very price and feature competitive.  iVoice, Inc. is part of the incubation process of Hydra from its parent, American Security Resources Corporation (ARSC).

Hydra Fuel Cell Corporation (a Nevada corporation) is the operating subsidiary of iVoice, Inc. (a New Jersey corporation).  It is iVoice, Inc.’s management intention to rename the iVoice, Inc. corporate entity to “Hydra Fuel Cell” in 2012, therefore iVoice, Inc. has chosen to continue with a single brand identity – “Hydra Fuel Cell“.

Hydra Fuel Cell Corporation

Hydra Fuel Cell Corporation developed and patented advanced proton exchange membrane (“PEM”) based hydrogen fuel cells.  Hydra produces fuel cells with capacities from 500 Watts to 5 kiloWatts primarily for residential and light commercial use.

American Security Resources Corporation

American Security Resources Corporation (a Nevada corporation), publicly quoted on the OTC Markets under the symbol OTC:ASRC, is focused on developing and incubating “green” environmental technology organizations.  ASRC took control of iVoice, Inc. on January 5th, 2012 by selling the incubated Hydra Fuel Cell Corporation subsidiary to iVoice, Inc.

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